for SDGs and ESG

Our mission is to facilitate a path towards a future committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and ESG criteria. We address the critical challenges facing our planet through Geo-AI.

Sustainable innovation

Leaders in Geo-AI technology and solutions that drive a sustainable future.

Transparency and access

Transparent and easily accessible geospatial information for informed decisions.

Comprehensive collaboration

We work with companies, governments and communities to develop personalized and collective solutions.

Measurable action

We transform objectives into tangible and measurable actions, generating a real impact on efficiency, agriculture and emission reduction.

Environmental Protection

Committed to minimizing our own environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Our solutions for SDGs and ESG

In a world where sustainability is essential, agforest stands out as a change agent, providing concrete solutions to critical challenges.

Calculate the solar potential in buildings

Detection and analysis of heat islands in urban environments

Green Finance

Count of tree units, faults and fruits on tree and soil

Natural resource monitoring

Risk assessment for sustainable urban planning

Calculate the solar potential in buildings

Identify ideal locations for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and optimize consumption, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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Improve energy efficiency using our powerful combination of geotechnologies and artificial intelligence, which accurately assesses the potential of solar energy in urban areas for the design of photovoltaic systems in buildings.

Detection and analysis of heat islands in urban environments

Spatially explore and visualize historical temperature data in urban environments.

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Our detailed mapping reveals thermal patterns and discrepancies, allowing you to compare areas and detect causes such as building density and lack of vegetation. This information on high temperatures in urban environments will guide decisions towards sustainability.

Green Finance

We integrate geospatial and AI data into investment and risk analysis to assess the sustainability and ESG performance of companies and projects. Make informed decisions, minimize risks and maximize your positive impact.

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Understanding the exposure of a company’s assets or its supply chain to environmental hazards is critical to understanding its risk profile.
Track assets and find out if the requirements for which financing has been provided are met.

Count of tree units, faults and fruits on tree and soil

It counts tree units and evaluates the lack thereof due to their reduced growth or total absence. In addition, it makes better approximations in the capacity predictions prior to the collection campaign.

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As? We use remote sensing and AI to improve agricultural management and surveys, calculating crown size that is directly related to the amount of production possible per tree unit. On the other hand, the detection of objects has led us to develop a mobile application with which agricultural experts scan the surrounding trees and soil, to estimate the fall of fruit in order to carry out compensation contributions.

Monitoring of natural, mineral and aquatic resources

We use satellite images and geospatial sensors with AI to monitor natural resources such as forests, water, soil and biodiversity, helping in their conservation and sustainable use.

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A specific case is the monitoring and extractive calculations of open pit mines, where by establishing production parameters, for example, of cement on an annual basis, we create models that tell us about its evolution and whether production is reduced or increased. Other cases are the detection of algae blooms in both salty and sweet aquatic environments.

They can be identified by the coloration of the water and are the consequence of an excess of nutrients. This sudden and rapid appearance consumes dissolved oxygen in the water, producing hypoxic conditions. In the absence of proper amounts of oxygen in the water, animals and plants die in large numbers. Therefore, it is essential to detect the appearance and measure the affected surface and its concentration.

Risk assessment for sustainable urban planning

We rely on geospatial analysis and AI techniques to plan sustainable cities, taking into account factors such as population density, transportation, resource distribution, and infrastructure, among others.

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We must be aware that adverse weather events are becoming more frequent, such as floods or fires that affect our population centers and scattered areas at different times of the year.

Our territorial commitment

Work closely with businesses, government organizations, and local communities to develop customized solutions that address specific challenges and deliver measurable positive impact.

Soluciones innovadoras para la sostenibilidadMedición y análisis de KPIs

We provide support in critical areas that include the measurement and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs), comparison between different assets and business operations.

Transforming data into meaningful actions

In a world saturated with data, the real essence lies in transforming information into meaningful action. We process large volumes of data and extract valuable and practical information, empowering our clients to make informed and strategic decisions, improving water efficiency and reducing their environmental impact.

Measurement and analysis of KPIs

In collaboration with our clients, we develop solutions that meet their needs while protecting a natural resource. Our objective is to contribute to the construction of a sustainable present, where water is used efficiently and responsibly.