Valladolid joins Agforest’s remote sensing technology to put an end to asbestos census

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Agforest, a leader in geospatial technology and sustainability, is proud to have collaborated with Valladolid City Council on a pioneering project to address the presence of asbestos in the municipality.

This initiative is aligned with the fourteenth additional provision of Law 07/2022 on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy, which requires municipalities to draw up a census of facilities and sites with asbestos, along with a timetable for its removal.

Innovation through Remote Sensing and IA

We use high-resolution satellite imagery and customised remote sensing and artificial intelligence tools to develop an accurate and non-invasive method for locating asbestos-containing structures.

This approach avoids the risks associated with visual inspections and field sampling, optimising time and resources.

Prioritising removal in a smart way

Following the asbestos census, we planned removal by prioritising facilities according to potential risk, hazardousness, management, use, exposure to vulnerable populations, age and lifetime of asbestos.

The results revealed that 30.16% of the buildings in the municipality, or 10.35% of the built-up area, had asbestos coverings, significantly lower than the national average.

Detailed data for an informed citizenry

The census, which is accessible to the public, provides detailed data on affected buildings. Of the 5,162 buildings identified, 54.9% are residential and 34.5% are industrial, mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s.

Public buildings, including schools, have been cleared of asbestos by Valladolid City Council.

Citizen participation

We encourage citizen participation by means of an online notification mailbox to report possible previously undetected asbestos presence.

This system allows residents to report any signs of asbestos in downpipes, pipes or other elements. Citizen information is key to comprehensively address the asbestos problem.

Transparent access to information

The census, available in interactive map and list format, provides essential details for each registered property, including municipality, cadastral reference, use, date of construction, surface area, link to the land registry, percentage of asbestos, removal priority, timetable and estimated cost of removal.

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Pablo Quesada Molina

Pablo Quesada Molina

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